Escaping Midafternoon Misery

Escaping_Midafternoon_Misery Food coma after a heavy lunch or simply a psychological event, the afternoon slump is a common dread for the office folks. Your focus and energy level dips to record low, and you are extremely unmotivated to work. But work we must, so here are some ways to counter that misery.

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Wake Up Happy

The worst way to start your day is a rude awakening from your terribly frustrated mom, or a teary you begging for just five more minutes of sleep. Why go through that? Try these tips to waking up energised and happy!

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4 Negative Thoughts & How to Deal with Them

The cup can be half empty, it could also be half full. It is really up to you which side you take! Here are four thoughts where staying positive would do wonders in brightening up your life.

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