Dealing with Impatience

Waiting can be such a painful event. We often turn into irrational creatures who are unhappy and tortured in the process rather than fully absorbing what could be fully harnessed in the learning process. How do we turn this negative into positive then?

One reason why we are impatient is because we are eager to reach the end result quickly. When others hinder us from proceeding, we get really upset and some of us even require anger management. In this case, put yourself in their own shoes. Some people, such as children and the older folks, are able to enjoy life as it is. Remember it is not that they want to hold you back but that they are rigged as such. If they are doing it on purpose, find out what is holding them back and resolve it. Otherwise, politely as if things could be sped up and provide valid reasons for this.

Another reason to why we are impatient is because it is tough to remain passive when you desperately want to reach your goal or at least move a step ahead. The more you think about it, the worse it gets.

Short-term cases include waiting in the queue. What you could do is to make use of that time to catch up on some reading, reflecting and tidying up thoughts, scribble or simply rest your eyes.

Unfortunately, there are often situations which require us to wait longer. Sometimes, this takes months or even years. In such cases, we could break the waiting time into segments. Doing what we can for each period of time and reminding yourself that you have done all you could for now and should distract yourself with some little reward instead. Otherwise, rather than getting frustrated about the waiting, you could daydream about reaching that goal too!

Be prepared for impatient situations mentally. If you could think up of some common circumstances you get all agitated about, you could probably mentally prepare yourself for them as well. One of the typical times that get people really annoyed is nasty or gossipy colleagues for one. You could work around them by having a ready excuse or simply having a talk with them.

Lastly, slow down and breathe. It is often the efficient and no-nonsense people that get all wound up and explode. If we learn to relax and take a break, we will be better able to let go of the unhappy and needless frustrations we often get.

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