Get Organised

Easily one of the top new year resolutions of all time, getting organised is easier said than done. Here are some tips to make things easier though!

Think Before You Receive/Buy

Refuse freebies even if they are free. What would you do with that extra National Day goodie bag? Sure, keep the bag for laundry. But what about the hand fan, the rattler, the patriotic wristband and tattoos among others? So, why grab an extra bag and only accept stuff you will use such as tissue paper.

Borrowing rather than buying not only saves us money but also saves us storage space. This is precisely why the Kindle or any ebook reader is popular right now. Still love to have that book in your hand? Then pop down to the library. Chances are that you will not re-read the novel for sometime anyway! Same goes for movies.

Gift and Throw

Things to throw out include stuff you have no use for and duplicates. Haven't worn that top for over two years? You probably will have no use for it, even if there aren't already some yellow stains on it. One way to discover if you should really keep the item is to ask yourself how much you would pay for it!

Share the love. Useful as they are, why would you need 20 pots of the same size? Give them away to friends and family who might need them instead.

Nostalgia is lovely but a big problem for organization here. Allocate a space for them and keep it to that. One good way to "keep things" without storage woes would be to repurpose them as gifts. Can't bear to throw away that dinky old album of photos you have with your other half? Scan them in and use the actual copies in a scrapbooking project with the result your anniversary gift.

Find a Home

Once you decide to keep it, allocate a home for each item and make sure they are put back in their place. One tip for you to better keep to this is to assign things you use frequently on the lower shelves or more accessible areas.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Take a deeper look at why and how things pile up at your place. Dishes in the sink pile up because no one likes doing the dishes? Come up with a roster. Or is it the putting away in the high cupboard that makes the shorter family members unwilling to help? Then rearrange the duties! This way, everyone will not dread their duties and you will be surprised how that reduces buildup.

Make Organisation a Habit

Things will pile up if you don't clear it once in awhile. Set aside an hour or two each week to clear those clutter hotspots. And don't procrastinate! The more times you put it off, the bigger the pile grows… and your resolution fails again.

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