Handling Criticism

Feedback, whether personal or work and whether if it is requested for or not, often gets one defensive, upset and even ready to give it all up. But that is not the intended purpose of feedback. Read on for ways to maximise feedback given to you.

Be Prepared

There are several times when one can anticipate feedback. It could be requested of another party or before meeting your boss or superior. In such situations, you may prep yourself mentally to take everything with a pitch of salt and put yourself...

In His Shoes

The reason why people tell you things is because there are things to be changed or improved on. There are some people who would rather keep mum because whether or not you work on the feedback does not matter to them. While these people would not get on your nerves, they are unlikely to help you improve too.


Other people may criticise you or your work simply for the sake of doing so. Perhaps he was asked to give feedback when he really does not have any. Besides, you can't please everybody so only pay heed and seek wise counsel. Ignore the rest.

Delay Response

Rather than giving in to the short fuse, take a deep breath, ignore it for the moment, and think about it the next day if possible. Taking a step back helps you put things in perspective. Then...

Focus on Facts

Learn from your mistakes rather than harp on the way it has been highlighted to you. Ask questions if you disagree or do not understand from the person's point of you. It is difficult but it must be done. When you agree on the feedback, work on it. If you can't work on it, explain why rather than get defensive and irritated.

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