Sleeping Well

For a productive day at work, and also as much as possible to avoid doing overtime, a good night's sleep is essential.

Make your Bed

No, not when you rise in the morning but make sure your rest place is clean and uncluttered. Try as much as possible not to eat and work on your bed. Experts also say that the ideal sleep environment should be cool, quiet and dark. Make sure the fan gets to you or turn the AC on. Switch off that metal band you were listening to, or if you have to have some music, make sure it's soothing and soft. Either have a little lamp with warm hues or if you are not afraid of the dark, turn the lights off.

Set your Sleeptime

Adjust your biological clock by turning in at the same time everyday. As it becomes a habit, your body will naturally slow down at that certain hour each night and entering into a deep slumber will be more relaxed.


Keep work for the next day. Instead, go for relaxing activities like reading a book or vegetating in front of your favourite drama – be sure to avoid thrillers or psychologically taxing materials though! This helps your body enter the restful state gradually.

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