Escaping Midafternoon Misery

Escaping_Midafternoon_Misery Food coma after a heavy lunch or simply a psychological event, the afternoon slump is a common dread for the office folks. Your focus and energy level dips to record low, and you are extremely unmotivated to work. But work we must, so here are some ways to counter that misery.

Wash Up
Brush your teeth, rinse your mouth or just put that bottle of hydrating mist spray to good use. The refreshing sensations on your face would wake you up temporary but effectively – before you put the rest of the below measures to use.

A Conducive Workspace

Make sure your workspace is well-lit and organised. A cluttered space that is dim makes it easier for you to doze off in this sleepy state. Placing a little plant like a cactus or a bright, motivational poster would help too. Sit up straight and invest in a chair that would ensure that too.

Move it!

Most of us do not have the luxury to walk around a bit after lunch for we only have an hour. But you could always stand up occasionally and take a trip to the bathroom every hour or so. The movement gives your mind a much needed jolt and maintains your energy level.

List your To Do's

Writing down exactly what you have to do by the end of the day helps you keep focused on the tasks at hand and checking them off the list is somewhat motivational too. Rough out an achievable timetable – having a battleplan will get you going too.

Have a Break

It doesn't have to be a kit kat but a quick afternoon snack halfway through the afternoon is fuel for energy and keeps one happy too. Some easy choices include a cup of yoghurt with fruits, cereal with milk or simply carrots and cucumber strips with hummus.

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