4 Negative Thoughts & How to Deal with Them

The cup can be half empty, it could also be half full. It is really up to you which side you take! Here are four thoughts where staying positive would do wonders in brightening up your life.

"Nobody Loves Me, Everybody Hates Me"

Whether it is constructive feedback or not, if you tend to interpret negatively and even take offense the comments that closest friends and family give you, it might be time to reevaluate your thoughts, eat better and most importantly, get some exercise. Feeling low in moral is an indication of stress and even burnout. In this case, a good night's sleep is essential to recalibrate the energy level. Foods like vegetables are great in bringing up energy levels, and exercise encourages endorphins, which makes one happy!

"Leave Me Alone"

Find yourself dreading weekend appointments and social engagements? Are you habitually making excuses in order to turn people down? Sick of being alone in a crowd, mingling with people you don't care with or having to make meaningless conversations? Well, you may be feeling overwhelmed by packed weekends rather than enjoying the attention and company. Carve out your "Me" time, either choosing an activity of your choice or simply vegetating in front of the television.

"Sleepless Nights"

Instead of counting sheep, you mentally list the things you need to do the next day. You worry about not having enough time to complete them tomorrow. You fear you might not do a good job. Rather than having sweet dreams, you imagine the worst case scenarios as you lay in bed. Avoid caffeine in the day that may have resulted in your current situation. If you have to have a cup of coffee, limit it to just one a day. Write down the list of worries you have in bed, be conscious you have them noted down in black and white. Now, leave them to be fussed over tomorrow!

"It has to be Perfect"

The smallest details matters a great deal to you and you have this need to be in control so much so that you insist to be part of every single piece of work there is in your team. But without delegating work to others or simply sharing the burden of work as a team, you are highly at risk of burning out. Perfectionists are also not well-liked people in the work environment. What you can do is to prioritise your tasks. If delegation is required, rather than following step by step, give clear and detailed instructions on what is to be done and things to watch out for. Check only periodically on whether things have been done as you instructed.

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