Dealing with Impatience

Waiting can be such a painful event. We often turn into irrational creatures who are unhappy and tortured in the process rather than fully absorbing what could be fully harnessed in the learning process. How do we turn this negative into positive then?

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Get Organised

Easily one of the top new year resolutions of all time, getting organised is easier said than done. Here are some tips to make things easier though!

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Handling Criticism

Feedback, whether personal or work and whether if it is requested for or not, often gets one defensive, upset and even ready to give it all up. But that is not the intended purpose of feedback. Read on for ways to maximise feedback given to you.

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Sleeping Well

For a productive day at work, and also as much as possible to avoid doing overtime, a good night's sleep is essential.

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Escaping Midafternoon Misery

Escaping_Midafternoon_Misery Food coma after a heavy lunch or simply a psychological event, the afternoon slump is a common dread for the office folks. Your focus and energy level dips to record low, and you are extremely unmotivated to work. But work we must, so here are some ways to counter that misery.

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