Border X

Scale new heights in the mall and get a little more arm workout than just carrying your shopping bags while strolling along Orchard road this weekend. Situated in bustling Orchard road is Border X, Singapore's very own first via ferrata which stands at about 30 metres tall.

Via ferrata, Italian for iron way, is a mountaineering activity that makes use of fixed cables, ladders and bridges. The first via ferratas were used to aid troop movement across mountains in the First World War, and is more commonly done in countries such as Italy, Germany and England than in Asia.

But despite its rugged history, the modern day via ferrata has proven itself to be a safe mountaineering activity. At Border X, the twin carabiner safety device which boasts an impressive shock absorption system and a steel cable safety system, of which two carabiners attached to every climber are to be clipped on and alternatively transferred, are employed.


Easy to intermediate routes usually lead sideways and sport easy handholds while tougher routes head vertically with more challenging handholds and footholds. Besides choosing a via ferrata route according to their own climbing abilities, climbers may also try out any of the three sport climbing routes, each of about 10 metres in height, at Border X.

While the indoor via ferrata at Border X allows us to experience the activity in a safer environment, we would say the real deal - the world's highest via ferrata at 3,800 metres at Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia which features swaying rope bridges and zip lines - would be a much more satisfying choice.

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