Weekend Wonderland

A public holiday for a long weekend, check. Friends, who are raring to go on holiday, check. Passport, check. With all these available to you, why not plan a fantastic trip?

Think non-congested roads, lovely blue seas – bluer than anything Sentosa has to offer – and hours after hours of pampering. Yes, even the guys would love the scrumptious body scrubs and massages.

This trip will rejuvenate your overworked senses, give you plenty of quality time with your friends and or darlings, and get you away from Singapore – congestion and shopping, eating and more shopping? Pooh! This is before we even throw you the clincher – Good Friday promotions.

What an absolutely Good Friday.

In fact, I only realized it is the Good Friday weekend when I was told of the Good Friday getaways packages. Here’s what the holiday has to offer. Now, promise not to squeal and neglect work.

1. Batam View Resort 3D2N at $199 nett per person

This 3D2N getaway deal is very attractive – considering that it includes a stay at a premier resort hotel with the largest grounds of 10 hectares. Think 18 football fields’ worth of entertainment, set upon an exclusive hilltop. Batam View Resort even boasts its own private beach. How’s that for a holiday?

The best part is that you can enjoy this trip hassle-free as it comes with ferry tickets – including the customary taxes and fuel charge – and hotel transfers planned for. All you have to do is decide between staying in the resort or going to places of interest. After all, the resort can entertain you with its own spa facilities and sports centre. There are also various golf courses in the vicinity.

The adventurous can choose to arrange with the receptionists for a trip into town to visit the temples and the famed Barelang Bridge.

2. Sun Beach Resort 3D2N at  $122 per person

A good alternative will be to visit Tioman, a dragon-like island with a natural beauty that is its biggest attraction. This trip includes accommodation and meals; breakfast for both days you wake up on the sunny isle, pack lunch for one day, one dinner and one BBQ – all buffet style. You also get to go on a island tour cum snorkeling trip with a guide.

I love that the chalets are either right on the sandy beach, lined along the village walkway, or tucked in the hillside. Most of the rustic, lively lodges have a view of the sea as well.

The courageous can also opt to go jungle trekking, on fishing trips or round island tours by boat.

3. Singapore Nightlife

Okay, so you cannot go overseas because you need to work one out of three days. FreshGrads has an alternative: head down to Sentosa – pointedly ignoring the unblue sea – and then to town at night!

On Good Friday eve, grab your friends and head down to Bump or Fash or both at Butter Factory. Dance the night away in Butterfly at Bump as DJ Mylk and Drem in playing the biggest hip hop hits, funk boogie and sexy R&B; or groove to DJs Andrew T and Zushan’s mix at Get yer Fash on. It is bound to be an awesome night!

If loud, booming music and sweaty bodies are not your thing, drop by 7atenine for a night of good drinks and Jazz. Just for the Good Friday weekend, jazz trumpeter Theo Croker will be entertaining you as you sip your granny smith mojito.

As I said, it will be a great Good Friday.

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