Four Halloween Costumes

Oh the horrors! It's Halloween and you have no idea what to wear tonight at your friend's party. Or perhaps you do, but you are unwilling to spend nearly a quarter of your salary on that elaborate costume. Besides, you hardly have any time left after those long hours of work to create that complicated piece.

Here are four lazy ideas for a quick but interesting costume.

Old School Boy

Make use of old school uniforms like those above-the-knee shorts lower secondary school boys wear and a short-sleeved white shirt. Match with a green jade pendant on a red string, or carry around with you props like a fishing net people used to catch lokang fishes with, a bottle containing your fighting fish, a khaki messenger bag and many other stuffs you may find in your parents' keepsakes box.

Flintstone Babe

Buy a fake bone from Spotlight at Plaza Singapura, or you can choose to use a real one if you like, use a white rubber band to attach it to a black hairband. Then, find an old white t-shirt and cut zig-zag patterns at the bottom. You may choose to paint black sports, zebra stripes or leopard prints on them. Now, wear your newly crafted hairband and prehistoric-age top with white or dark orange bottoms. There you go - a stone age costume!

Lady in Red

Celebrate Halloween with an Asian touch by wearing a simple red dress with red everything else. Add the finishing touches by simply drawing wrist cuts or carrying a bottle of expired pills around. Besides, it's a costume that doesn't affect you going about and you remain pretty decent-looking unlike that hunchback of Notredame standing right next to you.

The Mummy

A classic idea. What? Sounds too easy or too lazy? But you hardly see any Singaporeans doing it do you? Be the brave one this Halloween. Grab about three to four rolls of toilet paper and a stapler to assemble the outfit. Be dressed in fitting clothes underneath for easier "wrapping". Ah, sweet and simple.
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