“I AM YOU” is a Free Art Exhibition from 15 Feb to 15 March that Celebrates the Human Body

i am you
From the winner of 2008’s Blockx Color Prize, comes the highly eclectic French visual artist, Elodie Chandernagor. In her latest exhibition, “I AM YOU”, she challenges the illusion of self and explores the divinity of the human body in this powerful photography exhibition.
What defines an artist? Who is the artist? The quest for identity within and outside art worlds continue to befuddle. Chandernagor believes that both the individual and our collective history leave a mark on architecture, on surroundings, faces and even skin. In this colourful collection of artworks, she explores the relationship between architecture and the human body. Chandernagor studies why identity and subset behaviours are apparent in the first place - impacting viewers intellectually, physiologically, and sometimes even spiritually.
As we enter an age where artistic mediums become more transient and malleable, this exhibition provides a space where the artist is able to find a balance between paint, art, and the body. Approaching this concept, Chandernagor seeks to find and evoke knowledge from the audience. She daringly hopes to answer the question: “What if both the audience and the artist took turns to be sources of inspiration from each other, as both actors, and spectators?”
Elodie Chandernagor will be presenting I AM YOU at the UltraSuperNew gallery space on 109 Rowell Road on 15th February to 15th March 2019. The opening reception will take place on the 15th February at 7pm with special guest set by DJ Betty Jimenez. 
You can follow Elodie Chandernagor at http://www.instagram.com/elodiechandernagor
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Artist's Exhibition Statement:
What defines an artist? Who is the artist? Who am I? Join the quest for identity through our history and the collective one, the one of the place where we live, of where we were born, of our culture. Both the individual and collective history leave a mark on the architecture, our surroundings as well as on our body and face. Nowadays, art raises a new issue to a layman audience: “if I don’t know, I can’t understand”. The artist is beyond understanding, beyond reach. But what if the knowledge came from the audience? What if understanding yourself and art was possible through the point of view of other? The artist and the audience all together, one and the other a source of inspiration. Both actor and spectator. 
Artist's Biography:
ELODIE CHANDERNAGOR is a French artist currently living in Singapore. She usually works with painting, photography and video to express the connection between people and their environment. After a classical formation in Europe, with a specialty in painting, she developed a great sense of colour. A colourist above all, she works with paintings and uses other mediums to express memories and explore connections between Body, History and Present.
Artist's Mission Statement:
From the birth of colours, everything seems possible but bodies are often challenged by the expression of colours: models are slowly fading away in their environment; bodies are turning into monochrome shapes. In the end, these bodies are just blank canvas, and express mankind in its widest extent. However, architecture is another important notion to her work. Architecture is the skeleton of the story, its first and last support. Architecture can express the story of a place, a collective history. The artist’s bodies are a sort of architecture, they shelter our personal history and work in echo with buildings, monuments and historical places to construct a collective story. All these elements are often linked by painted or sewed lines. These represents the story: a story always going forwards, never backwards. Lines are running through the surface to mark the fact there are no turning backs possible in our life, our choices and actions: it is an ongoing story.
Address: UltraSuperNew Gallery, 109 Rowell Road, Singapore 208033
Opening Reception: Friday, 15th February 2019, 7pm till late
Duration: 15 Feb - 15 Mar 2019
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1027826934077517/
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