A Pop-Up Hipster Kopitiam Happening Only this Sunday at 21 Moonstone Reminisces The Good Old Singaporean Lifestyle

xiao kopitiam
Relive the good old days of Singapore at XIAO KOPITIAM (held at 21 Moonstone) with delicious food, ice cold beers, euphonious music, chill vibes and a boisterous friendly crowd with fun activities like our childhood favorite Country Eraser Tournament, hand-poked flash tattoos and tarot card readings this coming Sunday.
21 Moonstone is a bar and artistic co-working space. The space was created by like-minded youths, where you can just hang out with friends. The former industrial canteen was transformed into a hangout for the millennial hustlers from all walks of life. The space aims to provide a clear, innovative environment to provide the necessary clarity and headspace required for heavy duty thinking, conceptualizing and maybe a little bit of drinking.
The cozy and homely hangout spot is stocked with nostalgic paraphernalia of Singapore’s yesteryear. It transports you to a simpler time, a more tranquil laid-back pace of life with no fuss, no frills, cheap beer, good music and great people. It is the perfect place to put your feet up, drink without worrying about breaking your bank, and build friendships that last a lifetime.
21 Moonstone is hosting XIAO KOPITIAM – a reimagined version of a classic Singaporean Sunday. On 1 April, Sunday, from 11am to 5pm, the space will be converted to resemble a mini market, with everything quintessentially Singaporean from food, drinks, beers and other interesting activities to take part in.
Country Eraser Tournament by 21 Moonstone
country erasers
Harking back to our Primary School times, 21 Moonstone will be having a Country Eraser Tournament where you can challenge others to a nostalgic game of flipping erasers. As you win more erasers, you can trade these in for free beers and free beer buckets!
Wet Tee Shirt
Wet Tee Shirt
The Wet Tee Shirt label is a homegrown brand featuring witty and hilarious Singaporean-esque designs and limited edition 21 Moonstone merchandise. These unique and creative T-shirts will be on sale and will make the perfect memento for your fun day at XIAO KOPITIAM.
Flash Tattoos by The Standard Tattoo Co.
The Standard Tattoo Co
This is not just your usual paste-on flash tattoos that you see at flea markets and other hipster events. At XIAO KOPITIAM, the tattoos are hand-poked by the talented artist, Josephine (IG: @_griede) from The Standard Tattoo Co. This unique experience offers a less painful process with brilliant designs. These flash tattoos are applied by a painstaking procedure of lightly pricking the surface of your skin with hundreds or thousands of ink dots till it forms an image.
Tarot Card Reading by My Grandmama’s Secret
Tarot Card Reading
Tapping into the powers of Mother Earth and experience a lil magical touch into your every day through Cartomancy & Compassion. From opening your world to the mystical Earth Beings, Gods & Goddesses to Moonlight empowered mojo bags. This personal and intimate experience is something that can bring new perspectives and interesting insights into the individual.
Brunch & Coffee by 鬼佬早餐 (Guai Lo Breakfast Club)
Guai Lo Breakfast Club
Masterchef Daryl Fong and Chief Barrista Joel Chong from The Guai Lo Breakfast Club will be preparing a special atas ang mo brunch that consists of an ang mo dish and an ang mo liang teh (drip coffee) for just $10! You can opt to get either the hearty and savory toasted croissants crowned by a pile of fluffy truffled scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, or the decadent french toast oozing with sweet, molten chocolate.
Original Stickers by Kumo Doodles
Kumo Doodles
Kumo Doodles specializes in illustrating cute cartoons that are printed as stickers. These stickers are locally designed and printed, which helps support the local market. And they are all up for sale at extremely affordable prices. The versatility of these stickers make them great for anything – from putting a customized touch on cards to sprucing up your boring handphone case.
Ear Studs by Anomaly Market
Anomaly Market
There are so many earrings out there with too much going on with all the blingy dangly bits that take the attention away from you and can threaten to rip your ears if it catches onto your clothing. It is time to go back to basics and channel chic simplicity with Anomaly Market's lovingly handmade ear studs.
Patches by Pew Pew Patches
Pew Pew Patches
Patches are back in trend! Create your own unique look by decorating your jackets, jeans, shoes, caps and etc with Pew Pew Patches’ adorable and impressively detailed embroidered patches in generic and popular designs and dsesigns that encompass the amazing things Singapore has to offer.
These are just some of the many vendors that will be hawking their wares at the event come this Sunday (1 April 2018) from 11am to 5pm. Entry to XIAO KOPITIAM is free! And for just that day itself, a glass of Pilsner Urquell beer, fresh from the tap, will be going for the promotional price of $6 so you can indulge in some great-tasting tipples while having a rollicking good time.
Address: 21 Moonstone Lane, Poh Leng Building #09-01, Singapore 328426
Hours: 1 April 2018, Sunday, 11am – 5pm
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