World's First Art Exhibition for Dogs & Cats is an Interactive Playground for Your Furkids

Pawrents rejoice! If you have ever felt immense guilt for not bringing your furkids out on your romps around town, you may redeem yourself at the world's first art exhibition for cats and dogs which includes fun interactive activities that your precious fur baby can partake in.
From 30 September to 8 October, a section of the School of the Arts (SOTA) will be transformed into a pet paradise with the world's first art exhibition designed for dogs and cats. The exhibition utilizes interactive art for a truly immersive experience and for the most squeal-worthy Instagrammable photos.
Paw-sitive: Interactive Art for Pets by Wellness is a project launched by WellPet Asia Pte Ltd in collaboration with Silversky Ptd Ltd, as a celebration to mark the 10th anniversary of natural pet food brand Wellness.
Even if your pet is not a fan of the Wellness brand, the exhibition will still be an enjoyable bonding activity for yourself and your dog or cat. It will feature 10 commissioned art installations in 2D to 4D mediums that are certified safe (safety is always first for our precious fur babies) by animal experts.
Out of the 10 installations, only two have been confirmed so far, but they sound impressive and worthy of all the hype that this event has been steadily garnering. “A Whole New World” conceived by local visual artist Adeline Tan creates the illusion of your pooch soaring through the skies on a magic carpet. The dogs will appear to glide through a projection of clouds while their favorite food like apples, chicken drumsticks, steaks and apples whisk past them amidst the clouds like a dream come true.
The feline segment is an interesting conception titled “In the Cat's Belly” which is basically a giant cat-shaped house with four hollow rooms allowing cats to explore the belly of the beast and fitted with dangly toys that cats love to swipe at. Local artist Kelly Limerick (Kelly Lim) devised this interactive sculpture so that owners may play with their kitties as well. If you pull on the tail of the giant cat house, feathers and bells will flutter and chime inside, stimulating a frenzy of excitement for the cats within.
There is also a charitable cause rallying behind this adorable pet-devoted art exhibition. The organizers have partnered with four animal welfare groups to run adoption drives and fundraising activities during the event, so the space will be chockful of furry sweethearts looking loving pawrents to bring them back to a warm home in addition to pet-related merchandise that you can purchase to aid the welfare groups in saving hapless animals.
Wellness themselves will be donating 4,500kg of pet food to the groups, namely Action for Singaproe Dogs, Cat Welfare Society, Purely Adoptions and SOSD Singapore.
Admission is free but you are only granted access if you RSVP here. Hurry as time slots are being snapped up as fast as you can say “heel”. Even if you don't have a pet, you can still head down to squeal at the fluffy cuties along with friends who are bringing their furkids.

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