Rave Your Way Into The Day: Conscious Clubbing In The Morning Comes To Singapore

conscious clubbing
Conscious clubbing is a new fad that is taking the world by storm, and is soon going to be introduced in Singapore. Imagine waking up earlier on a weekday just to hit the club to get your rave on before going to the office. You start your morning with a rave at 6.30am, with massages and juices replacing the usual alcoholic beverages associated with the party scene. It might seem ludicrous at first, but the concept behind it actually makes sense. Conscious clubbers may even end up more energized and focused at work after a morning boost.
conscious clubbing
Think about it like a morning workout at the park or the gym. Instead of doing the same old tedious workout routine, conscious clubbing allows you to have fun with your friends while you dance around at your own pace. Conscious clubbing is a global movement that embraces sober partying in the morning as a fitness workout in place of a night out inebriated. Part exercise craze and part breakfast raving, this niche but growing trend has gained a cult following ever since it began popping up in London in 2013, instigated by Morning Gloryville, the morning club outfit created by event producer Samantha Moyo and bodywork therapist Nico Thoemmes. The movement has since spread to 23 cities across the globe, from Sydney and San Francisco to Barcelona and Bangalore. And now it is coming to Singapore.
conscious clubbing
In the long run, this would greatly benefit the health of party revelers everywhere. Instead of arriving to work exhausted and hung-over from a night of clubbing and drinking, people would be fitter from working out in the morning at these conscious clubs with healthy juices, would tend to feel more awake during the day, and would keep a regular sleep schedule.
Part of the specifically curated week-long program of healthy morning activities organized by Kiwifruit marketer Zespri — the Zespri x Morning Gloryville Party will be making its South-East Asia debut in Singapore on June 12, from 6.30am to 9.30am, at Club KYO. You can even turn up in your pajamas!
conscious clubbing
A total of 34,000 morning ravers have already shown up to Morning Gloryville events with an estimated 319.5 dancing hours clocked and 4,156,103,925 calories burnt. And the organizers hope that the numbers will keep increasing. They said they have received requests from people around the world to bring the event to their hometowns.
“Morning Gloryville is a platform for fostering community and so every event is localised. Our events in every city are all connected by our common purpose to expand hearts and minds,” said Moyo. “We think that Singapore is one of the most open-minded communities in Asia and we feel that the community is ready to step out of their normal routines and challenge their rhythms. We’re excited because this is an opportunity to create an environment for an already-willing community to let go.”
conscious clubbing
Besides sober dancing at this alcohol-free event, there will also be a complimentary breakfast bar serving cold pressed Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit juice blends alongside a host of other healthy foods. The ready-to-go breakfast menu — put together by gourmet raw food chef, Sandra Lee — will serve a variety of wholesome and delicious breakfast foods such as roast chicken and vegetarian wraps with kiwifruit slices, kiwifruit deviled eggs with avocado egg cream, chia puddings, cupcakes and cookies.
conscious clubbing
Morning Gloryville is also known to work with the local creative communities, and in the case of Singapore’s debut event, organisers have enlisted the help of Sweetalker aka Vijay Singh, who will be the breakfast party’s hype man.
Zespri x Morning Gloryville Party is open to the public; admission is free for all guests above 16 years of age by registration at http://www.wakeupwithakiwi.com.
Information Source: Today Online

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