Run & Raisin' 2015: A Race For A Brighter Future

run & raisin 2015
They say that children are our future, but some of our young ones are so underprivileged that they don't even know what the near future for them hold; whether there would be food on the table for their next meal, a bed to sleep in, warm water to shower with, an education, or a roof over their heads. Run & Raisin' 2015 is a race for a brighter future – a charity run that aims to raise funds in an attempt to secure the future of disadvantaged kids, and in turn, our own.
run & raisin 2015
In recent years, marathons have become a fad among Singaporeans. Many sign on and participate in marathons so that they can receive the goodie bags and finishing medals. While it is commendable that they have the determination to complete the run, it is sad thinking about the reason why these people choose to take part in the first place. Marathons once used to be more than fighting over medals of a particular cartoon character and wearing the shirt as boasting rights. Marathons of today lack the spirit of the runs of yesteryear. People used to participate in marathons for a cause, and the finishing reward, while not tangible, is so much more rewarding than a cartoon character medal.
run & raisin 2015
Revive the spirit of marathons again on 5 September 2015 with Run & Raisin' 2015 – a charity run and carnival held at Silver Garden, Gardens by the Bay organised by TOUCH Young Arrows (TYA) with a meaningful aim to raise money for 450 needy and disadvantaged children aged six to 12. All proceeds of the run will go towards improving the lives and future of the little ones who will truly be grateful for your contribution and participation. Each registration will put a smile on a child's face, so register today and you will gain so much more than a simple medal, you will get a warm, fuzzy satisfaction from knowing that your participation goes to a higher cause.
run & raisin 2015
Run & Raisin' 2015 is held in the scenic Gardens by the Bay from 7am to 5pm. There are three categories to choose from; the 10km Competitive Run, the 5km Fun Run and a 2.5km Family Run, all of which bring you through picturesque routes with stunning views of Singapore's cityscape. Not only does Run & Raisin' 2015 raise awareness of TYA's work in the community, it also promotes family bonding and healthy lifestyle. Many exciting concerts and contests will be held on stage too from 9am to 5pm.
run & raisin 2015
The funds raised will go a long way in helping TYA maintain the year-round activities and weekly programme with the children. Your participation could help needy children like 11-year-old Fateha. Fateha joined TYA back in 2013 when she was in Primary 3. Fateha lives in a small 3-room apartment with her parents, grandparents, two younger sisters and an older cousin. Initially, Fateha was shy and reserved, but gradually opened up after attending TYA's activities as she gained confidence to interact with other children through the unconditional love and support from the volunteers.
Fateha is now a very kind, friendly girl who takes it upon herself to befriend and welcome every child that joins the Club. Fateha's elders are elated with her progress, happily noting that she is more conscientious and disciplined in her studies. In 2014, she hit a significant milestone by coming in first in class. Her positive attitude towards life endear her to everyone she meets. It is only with your contribution that TYA can change the lives of kids like Fateha, who will most likely go on to achieve many great things in life.
Click here to register for Run & Raisin' 2015.
RUN & RAISIN' 2015
run & raisin
Date: Saturday, 5 September 2015
Time: 7am – 5pm
Venue: Silver Garden, Gardens by the Bay
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