12 of The Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge Videos

bill gates ice bucket challenge
You are probably aware of the ongoing #IceBucketChallenge trend that has gone viral all over the world. But in case you live under a rock and you're not familiar with it, let us fill you in. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was conceived as a fun way to raise money and awareness of the fatal neurodegenerative disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as “Lou Gehrig's Disease”. Once you have been publicly challenged, you're supposed to either make a video of yourself getting a bucket of ice water dumped over your head and donate $10, or if you wuss out, you donate $100 to the ALS Association. Many celebrities and high-powered CEOs have jumped on the charitable bandwagon, and besides being a good sport and soaking themselves with icy cold water, they donate way more than the challenge requires you to. These are the top 12 best celebrity “ice bucket challenge” videos down below.
1. Robert Downey Jr.
Even being doused by a bucket of water and ice does not wash away this legendary actor's charm.
2. Dave Batista
Dave Batista is the man!
3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Always and forever The People's Champ.
4. Tom Hiddleston
Hi Loki, seeing you freezing in a wet tshirt is good at all but I think the girls would like to see your frost giant. ;)
5. Chris Hemsworth
Check out those biceps.
6. Hugh Jackman
Ice Bucket Challenge with a bang.
7. Amy Schumer
What on Earth was that? I don't think she quite gets the Ice Bucket Challenge.
8. Paul Bissonnette
What a view!
9. Bill Gates
Ever the philanthropic smarty-pants.
10. Weird Al Yankovic
11. Chris Pratt
Our favorite Parks & Recreation star deviated from the norm, but ends up getting soaked by wife, Anna Faris.
12. Charlie Sheen
Or... yeah... you can do that too.
If you want to make a donation as well, head on over to ALS Association website here! And don't forget to share this article, it is worth sharing for a good cause!

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