Viking's Ancient Apocalypse Prediction: Will The World End in 2 Months?

viking horn
The ominous sounding of a distinctive horn in York, England on 14 November would have created chaos if Vikings still exist. The ancient instrument is only blown 100 days prior to the end of the world, according to Norse mythology. Legend has it that the Norse God, Heimdallr, would blow the mythical Gjallerhorn to warn of the Viking apocalypse, also known as “Ragnarok”.
The end of the world was signaled in York eight days ago as the Gjallerhorn was blown to herald the beginning of Ragnarok. Ragnarok, which means “Doom of the Gods”, is due to be preceded by the winter of winters. The Vikings believed that prior to the apocalypse, three freezing winters would follow each other with no summers in between.
It is believed that all morality would disappear and fights would break out all over the world, signaling the beginning of the end. As legend has it, the wolf Skoll would devour the sun, and his brother Hati would consume the moon, causing the stars to vanish from the night sky and the Earth would plunge into eternal darkness.
Norse mythology experts have calculated that Vikings believed the day of reckoning will take place on 22 February 2014. On that day, the god Odin will be murdered by the wolf Fenrir and the other “creator” gods. There will be huge earthquakes, the sea will rear up, and the soil and sky will be stained with poison.
Battle of the Doomed Gods
“Kampf der untergehenden Götter” which means “Battle of the Doomed Gods” was painted in 1882 by Wilhelm Wägner and depicts the gods in their fight to the finish.
The sound of the mythical horn is supposed to call the sons of Odin to the battlefield where it is prophesied that Odin will eventually be killed. After his death, it is foretold that the Earth will sink into the sea, paving the way for a new utopian world with endless supplies.
Danielle Daglan from the Jorvik Viking Center said that a number of recent events mentioned in the legends of Ragnarok has led them to believe that the end of the world may be imminent.
Norse mythology Thor
The Norse mythology predicts that even Thor will be killed in battle.
The legend stated that “the first to notice shall be man, brother will fight brother and all the boundaries that exist shall crumble.”
“The idea that 'boundaries that exist shall crumble' could be said to be about the Internet age, where you can communicate with millions of people simultaneously around the world thanks to the global rise of social media,” Daglan explained.
It is also included in the legend that a vast winter will appear before the apocalypse.
‘There are predictions that we are heading into a mini-ice age thanks to a fall in solar flare activity - what is a mini-ice age but several winters rolled into one?’ Daglan said.
giant oarfish california
Giant oarfish found on California beaches
Another sign of the world coming to an end would be that the Midgard Serpent, named Jormungand, shall free itself from its tail and rise up from the ocean to which Daglan brought up the two huge fish that washed up on the shores of a California beach last month. The two giant oarfish were dead when beachgoers found them, one was even found without its tail. Scientists believed that they came ashore to die because they were “in distress”.
“Traditionally, the Viking festival of Jolablot marked the end of the winter - if this winter truly does not end, then that feast may be given over to Ragnarok instead,” Daglan added.
The Jorvik Viking Center predicted that Ragnarok falls on 22 February next year because the feast of Jolablot has drawn to an end. They claimed that Vikings loved to feast and would not want to miss this event, and for that reason, they argue that Vikings would believe the world would end in 100 days.
The end of the world is coincidentally the start of the grand finale of the Viking festival in York.
“Following a study published in 2010 that bearded men are more trustworthy than those without, we’re also looking for fantastic displays of facial hair, so that we can identify those with the potential to take us into the brave new world that is foretold to follow Ragnarok,” said Danielle Daglan, director of the JORVIK Viking Festival. “In the last couple of years, we’ve had predictions of the Mayan apocalypse, which passed without incident, and numerous other dates where the end of the world has been pencilled in by seers, fortune tellers and visionaries,”
“But the sound of the horn is possibly the best indicator yet that the Viking version of the end of the world really will happen on 22 February next year,” Daglan concluded confidently.
Information Source: The Daily Mail

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