Freeing SG: 5D Reality Escape Room Game

Freeing SG
Listen up gamers! A new game is coming to town that is going to get your gaming hearts racing. But in order to play this, you have to tear your retina-burned eyes off the computer screens, get up off your asses and step out of the house. Don't worry, breaking back into reality and mixing with society for a brief period of time will be all worth it when you get to experience the thrill of playing in a real life escape room game.
Remember those kind of computer games from your childhood where your character would be stuck in a room and would have to look for clues and stuff to find his way out? Well this is it, except with amazing graphics. This is even better than Wii, Xbox Kinect or any other motion sensing/3D gaming device out there in the market, because your  physical being is actually put into the game itself. It's 5D baby! What can be more realistic than reality?
Freeing SG
There will be 2 scenarios you and your friends can choose to play in:
1. Painter's Murder
Uncover the truth and bring the murderer to justice as a top detective.
Freeing SG
A famous painter was found dead by the river this morning. Various clues point to the painter’s mistress as the prime suspect. Unfortunately, the police lacks sufficient evidence to prosecute her, and she had denied all entries to her personal art gallery. As a top detective, you decides to sneak into the gallery to gather evidence and uncover the truth. Can you solve the mysteries and bring this women to justice? Or just helplessly await for the next tragedy to happen…
2. Silent Blood
Break into and explore the Vampire Castle.
Freeing SG
It is a full moon night and you are going to be the meal of the vampires. Will you able to dodge the sight from Earl Dracula, and escape from the mysterious old castle within the limited time?
Freeing SG
In each adrenaline-pumping scenario, you and your team mates will enter a room that has been furnished with all kinds of props to hunt for clues and solve puzzles to complete the game. Dodge laser beams to avoid being detected, crawl through tight spaces and open safety banks, just remember to finish your mission within 45 minutes or prepare to pay the consequences of your incompetence.
The innovative and creative hands-on gaming concept originated from Hong Kong and is making its grand opening in Singapore on 27th September. Registration for Singapore's first 5D reality room escape game is now open with very limited slots at $20 onwards per person. The event will be located in Bugis+ (formerly known as Iluma). You can select and book your time slots here, timings range from 11am to 12 midnight.
Check out the video of the real-life RPG experience in action.
Freeing SG
Venue: Bugis+, #07-04 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067
Opening Hours: 11am – 12 midnight
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 66049110

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