Benoit Voit Fitness: Running For The Children

Benoit Voit Fitness
A one man charity organization in the name of Benoit Voit Fitness is appealing for help from people all around the world to raise funds for three selected children charities.
Benoit Voit Fitness
In an admirable act of altruism, marathon runner Benjamin Doyle, 23, from Boston, Massachusetts will be running in the NYC Marathon (26.2 miles) on November 3rd of 2013 in hopes to raise a goal of US$4,000 in donations. Every cent makes a difference and your much appreciated donations will help children in the Ronald McDonald House New York, Gift of Life Foundation, and PolioPlus.
Ronald McDonald House of New York: "This charity houses families in New York City, while their children are on long-term medical stays in New York, typically for cancer treatment.  This allows the children to not be alone while they are receiving this care."
Gift of Life Foundation: "Supports both medical doctors and construction workers so that open-heart surgery centres can be built, and doctors in third-world countries can be trained to perform this procedure on children."
Polio Plus: "This organization provides polio vaccines to children from third-world countries."
Benoit Voit Fitness NYC Marathon
The enduring 26.2 miles marathon starts out in Staten Island, respectively goes through Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and finishes at Central Park.  The NYC Marathon is the largest in the world which sees an average of 45,000 participants annually.  The qualifying times of the marathon are exceptionally stringent; it is significantly more of a difficult feat to accomplish than the most prestigious of all marathons, the Boston Marathon.
How many of you can say that you single-handedly raised a large sum of money to be donated to charity? Even Doyle dude here can’t claim to do so but he is self-lessly acting as a sole representative for all of us to show our love for the children who needs our help. I know that not all of us are that financially fortunate to be well-known benevolent philanthropists like Bill Gates, Tony Stark, or Bruce Wayne but if everyone comes together, we can make the world a better place.
Come on Singaporeans, show the rest of the world that we have a huge heart that overflows to nations other than our own.
Make a difference and show the children you care by donating here.
Check out Benjamin Doyle’s video dedicated to the cause.
For further enquiries, feel free to email Benjamin Doyle at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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