The Sew-Out Show

Singapore graphic designer Cain Lim from Affiniti design collective presents eleven of his digital landscape artworks at The Sew-Out Show, in the theme of the Lunar New Year and the season of Spring.

More than just the usual exhibition, this is an interactive showcase which invites the audience to customise their own art. They may select any part of the print image using the stencil of a tote bag, a document pocket or phone cover that would then be hand-sewn and transferred to canvas accessories made by leather artist Xiehui Stone from Stone For Gold.

This is also a special kind of art appreciation done in a cafe, The Connoisseur Concerto's "The Gallery" at 51 Circular road. Admission is free and the show runs from now till 8 April 2013. Head down to become an art collector and a designer at the same time.

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