SHINee World II

If you did not make it in time to get the tickets for SMTown Live World Tour III, you might still be able to make it for the SHINee World II concert, featuring the popular Kpop group SHINee, later next month on December 8 2012.

Just for this single group alone, the production fees for the concert is pegged over $1.8 million. The team behind SHINee World II promises stunning visual effects such as aerial stunts and pyrotechnics as well as diverse music genres and styles during this high-budget performance at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. The concert also sees the biggest mosh pit of over 1,200 square metres for excited fans.

The second world tour by top Kpop group SHINee, which consists of members Minho, Key, Onew, Jonghyun and Taemin, is priced from SGD178 to SGD238. Tickets may be purchased at any Sistic counter or via its online site.

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