Hansel & Gretel

In this modern version of Hansel & Gretel, the poor children are too abandoned by their now superstar wannabe stepmother and a henpecked father who is helpless though unwilling.

Dumped in the jungles of Mandai with nothing much except the companionship of each other to fend for themselves, the pair grits their teeth through hidden creatures in the dark. Fortunately or not, they stumble upon the yummiest house they have ever seen. Made with fences of fishball sticks, walls of kueh lapis and roof tiles of kaya toast, they barge in into the arms of owner and witch disguised as "The Chef" and her evil (or not) rapper assistant Nicki Minah.

Written by Alfian Sa'at and with an experienced cast including Sebastian Tan (Broadway Beng), Dwayne Tan (Army Daze), Denise Tan, Siti Khalijah (Boeing Boeing), Dwayne Lau (Cinderel-Lah!) and Vernetta Lopez as well as the young actors from FIRST STAGE! Kids, the audience could go anticipating a deliciously hilarious musical, part of The WiLD RICE PANTOMINE.

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