Everything You Ever Wanted Is Right

Here Take a peek into Dawn Ng's interpretation of "Everything You Ever Wanted Is Right Here" from 7 to 24 Sep 2012 at Chan Hampe Galleries, Raffles Hotel.

First begun as a 4-month long project of photojournalism works and interviews with locals such as taxi drivers, as well as visits to over 60 homes, the creator of the very successful "Walter, the Rabbit" Dawn Ng's work has since evolved into a solo exhibition.

She juxtaposed images and text as social commentary of the changing times in Singapore at this point of time in history, and any Singaporean should be able "to walk up to a piece of this collection and recognize a part of themselves in it". For example, an image of the omnipresent surveillance camera is cheekily contrasted with the text "Kind of Kinky".

Dawn Ng, a studio art and journalism graduate of Georgetown University (USA) and UCL Slade School of Fine Art (UK), has spent the last decade in Singapore, Paris and New York, working in the art and advertising industry. Her pop cultural works has been featured in private galleries and the Singapore Art Museum, as well as in mainstream media such as Channel News Asia and the Business Times.

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