Harry Potter: The Exhibition

Harry_Potter-_The_ExhibitionGreat news for Harry Potter fans for the magic will come to our sunny island this June at Marina Bay Sands' ArtScience Museum.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is a deeply detailed showcase featuring the hundreds of props, sets and costumes created for Harry Potter the film series, as well as how they were created and designed for efficiency and perfection on scene. Especially for fans, it is fascinating how vivid the imagination of J. K. Rowdling could be brought to life.

Visitors will enter the exhibition through a train platform before reaching Hogwarts and entering the Great Hall for the Sorting Hat ceremony as do all new students have to go through. Besides the main exhibition, the show is also interspersed with interactive displays such as the chance to feel the insides of the famous Sorting Hat and mockups of scenes from the magical place including Hagrid's hut, the Great Hall as well as Gryffindor's common room.

Tickets cost between SGD13 to SGD21 and audio guides are available for rent too.

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