Republic of Pulau Semakau

Republic_of_Pulau_Semakau_Huat_AhFans and paparazzis are often caught rummaging through the garbage of celebrities they adore. Why? Though unwanted, the things we throw away reveal more than we think they do. Photographer Zinkie Aw's Republic of Pulau Semakau shows exactly that.

In 1999, having exhausted landfills on mainland Singapore, the authorities then created a new one by enclosing and relegating the unfortunate Pulau Semakau as the much-needed new landfill. Aw cheekily claims the citizens of Singapore as the founders of this reclaimed land and analyses its creation through the bins of the mainlanders.

A total of 26 personalities are captured in this photo project including Mr Huat ah! (first image), Mr Cigarettes (second image), Ms Mahjong, Boy Baker and Grandma Beauty Regime among many other interesting characters.

Despite its contents, a trashy exhibition this is not. So, take a look for yourself and check out the Republic of Pulau Semakau exhibition at the Crazy World Cafe in Chinatown. The exhibition runs through 29th April 2012. 

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