How to Write Resumes

How_to_Write_ResumesHow to best clinch that interview than knowing what employers are looking for and providing the exact criteria? The "How to Write Resumes: Looking from an Employers' Perspective" workshop organised by JobsCentral and conducted by Ms Heng Teng Teng, aims to help you craft the best possible cover letter and resume that human resource managers are looking for.

Key lessons include gaining understanding on the differences between a cover letter and resume; relating and matching the advertised job requirement or duties to your resume; identifying the common mistakes jobseekers make in writing cover letters and resumes; and gaining step-by-step guidance in writing an effective cover letters and resumes.

Participants will also get to try their hand on writing their own cover letter and resume, highlighting relevant accomplishments, key skills and experience, with professional guidance. Anyone who wants to make their cover letters and resumes stand out for hiring managers or employers should sign up for this workshop!

Date: 24 March 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 9am to 1pm
Price: SGD45
Venue: To be confirmed

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