Titantic: The Artifact Exhibition

Titantic-_The_Artifact_ExhibitionWalk through all 275 artifacts recovered from one of the greatest maritime tragedy in history as Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition makes its Southeast Asian debut at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands here in Singapore!

On 15 April 1912, one of the then-said to-be-unsinkable ships, RMS Titanic, collided with an iceberg in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean and claimed the lives of over 1,500 passengers. This tragedy will eventually be recorded as one of the greatest maritime disaster in history.

But in Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, visitors may have a better idea of what the passengers went through during that fateful journey. The exhibition's sets are specially created to resemble various iconic sections of the ship such as the romantic deck where couples admire the starry sky, how the three different classes of the ship look like, and even feel a big block of ice specially constructed for visitors to feel the coldness of the night for themselves.

Throughout the journey, you will also be treated to stories of the passengers as well as their dreams and hopes upon disembarking the ship. Visitors will get to learn the story behind the discovery of the Titanic wreck in 1985 as well as efforts made to monitor and recover artifacts from the site too.

The exhibition in Singapore will run through to 29 April 2012. So, book your tickets today! But before you begin your journey, remember to get a boarding pass from one of the museum staff. Just for fun, you may check at the end if "you" survived!

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