How to Find the Right Career for You

How_to_Find_the_Right_Career_for_YouNow that you have graduated from a life worth of education or you have just about a year more to graduation, it is high time to consider your career path wisely. After all, you would want to get a head start and you wouldn't want to waste a few months or even years stuck at an unwise choice. Or would you?  
With the help of Ms Diana Jean (DJ) Reyes, facilitator and coach at Positive Keystone with several certifications from both Australia and the United Kingdom, as well as coaching experience for multinational organisations all over the world including Singapore and Japan, How to Find the Right Career for You will assist participants in a series of activities to get a clearer sense of where their passions lie, where they would want to develop themselves whether personally of professionally, how to best make use of their strengths and talents and the like. 

Trainer Jean will also guide you through specifying areas and aspects of what your ideal job will have to include as well as make use of various tools and strategies to get you nearer to where you aim to be with a concrete action plan. 

Join us for this exploratory workshop today, and make a wiser career choice – one that you will be happy in! 

Date: 14 Jan 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 9am - 1pm
Price: SGD45 
Venue: To be confirmed
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