The Art of People Management: Dealing with Workplace Conflicts

It is common to meet people of all sorts at the workplace. It could be an annoying colleague, an unreasonable customer or a boss that is a tough nut to crack. The situation could be so bad that it might even affect your performance, or make work something you dread going to every day. How can you best manage these various characters?

Learn how to deal with workplace conflicts, and manage and better relationships with your colleagues with this career workshop jointly organised by JobsCentral and The School of Personal Excellence.

In this workshop, participants will understand more about how conflicts may arise from miscommunications, which may be in turn due to differences in personalities. By understanding these differences, they may better be able to defuse potential conflicts.

An array of strategies for various situations with different characters will be introduced, and there is also a hands-on part to the workshop for you to practice them. The workshop is suitable for everyone who needs to interact with different characters on a daily basis, or simply whoever has a boss.

Date: 21 May 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 9am to 1pm
Fees: SGD45
Venue: TBC

To register, check out the workshop's site here.

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