881 The Musical

Based on Singapore's award-winning director Royston Tan's 2007 getai film, 881, which raked in over $3.5 million in the box office, homegrown theatre company Toy Factory will be using $1.8 million to create the musical equivalent at the Esplanade from 15 April to 24 April 2011.

As with the original, the musical follows the ups and downs of two girls, the Papaya sisters – which sounds like 881 in mandarin – as they rise to stardom in the world of getai, a glittery festival of performances during the annual Hungry Ghost Festival in the 80's. Touted as 1% sanity, 80% crazy, 800% funny and 881% entertainment, 881 the musical promises an energy-charged colourful and fun performance that will touch the heartstrings and engage the dancing feet in all audience.

Director Royston Tan acts as a creative consultant for the adaptation but this time, the Papaya sisters will be played by Judee Tan and Joanna Dong, instead of the film's Yeo Yann Yann and Mindee Ong. Three new characters, Fu, Lu and Shou, played by Zachary Goh, Sebastian Tan and Edward Choy respectively, will be the show's narrators. Besides new actors and characters, five new Hokkien songs will also be featured and sold in a CD at the Esplanade.

The rest of the cast include Nat Ho, Sebastian Tan, Dennis Chew, Audrey Luo and Zachary Goh, and has Beatrice Chia, Royston Tan, Elaine Chan, Benny Wong, Farhan Hassan, Chris Chua, Tube Gallery, Mac Chan, Ashley Lim and Shah Tahir in the creative team.

Tickets are priced at $76 (for OCBC credit and debit card holders) and above. There is also a 10% discount for Passion Card, Popular Card, Trevvy, Cathay E!Pass Members, students, NSF and senior citizens.

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