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Many a time we have cracked our heads planning for the precious weekend. But how much time do we really have after a long day of work to trawl through the papers, magazines and random websites here and there just to select that worthy event for the weekend? Here, SG Things to Do Today by Mudd & Nadd saves the day.

The Singapore events website is founded by two fun-loving individuals who are always game for fun, novelty, and have a keen sense for sniffing out weekend-worthy events as well as daily fun activities. Unique to this site is, unlike other events sites, SG Things to Do Today carefully sifts through numerous events happening around our little island but only selects just one event – usually one that gets the team most excited.

What's more, for a flat fee of SGD30, they have a concierge service that customises an itinerary according to your budget, likes and preferences. That includes the activities, reservations, location maps, and transportation plan among others. And if you don't like what you see, you could always send it back to them for changes. Now you can let out that sigh of relief… no more boring weekends!

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