Oakwood Studios Singapore Unveils Day & Night Curation

Oakwood Studios Singapore
Our stay in Oakwood Studios Singapore has revealed many of the hidden touches of innovation and creature comforts that the serviced apartment has rolled out in ensuring an optimal stay for its residents, but it doesn't just stop there.
Oakwood Studios Singapore has just recently launched its latest initiative, titled Day & Night Curation. This is where Oakwood Studios Singapore will delight guests with unexpected touches seen though day and night.
The initiative is the latest testament to how Oakwood Studios Singapore redefines the serviced apartment experience by creating a truly immersive stay for guests. The Day & Night Curation sees day and night versions of Curators' uniforms, signature scents and music in the common areas. It is intended to stimulate guests' three major senses: sight, smell and hearing. This ensures that guests feel familiar yet fresh at the same time, every time they step into the property. This is in line with the cheeky tagline “kiss goodbye to the unexpected” and signature lip motif.
Day: Start your day refreshed!
Oakwood Studios Singapore
Oakwood Studios Singapore
Sight – In the day, front desk staff, known as Curators,look sharp ina sleek black suit,with either a pair of quirky lip-motifcufflinks for the males, or a lip-motif bucklebeltfor the females. The Curators uniform are designed to be sleek, chic and cheeky, as they are there to meet and greet you the minute you enter the property. Curators will personally help you curate your stay based on your lifestyle needs.
Scent – In the day, a refreshing scent with notes of peach, jasmine and cedar welcome guests. The sophisticated and light floral scent is pleasantly evident throughout the common areas of the property. There is a light note of musk and moss, a nod to the property’s deep-rooted commitment to quality service.
Hearing – The appropriate ambiance is set in the morning with ‘good vibes only’ music which can be heard in all the common spaces in the property. The music, carefully curated, will put guests in a good mood to kick-start their day. In the afternoon, the playlist will gradually change to lounge music which helps guests re-energize for the evening.
Night: Rejuvenate, relax, and unwind
Oakwood Studios Singapore
Oakwood Studios Singapore
Sight –In the evening, the male Curators add a classic black bowtie to their attire. Female Curators change into a sleek little black dress paired with stiletto heels in red, the signature colour of Oakwood Studios Singapore.
As the sky turns dark and night falls, the Oakwood Studios Singapore male Curators tastefully unbutton their collars, and sport the signature cheeky lip mark on their collars.
Smell -The citrus scent in the day is replaced with notes of wild lavender, which supposedly helpsto create a relaxed atmosphere, perfect to welcome guests returningafter aday of exploration and adventure. Hearing -Music,on the other hand, is switched up with upbeat party music, which can be enjoyed by both guests enjoying a nightcap before bed,and guests heading out to the coolest nightspots in town.
At night, mellow lounge music fill the air.
Oakwood Studios Singapore's apartments start from $214 a night, with a minimum stay of 7 nights.
For more information on Oakwood Studios, please visit www.oakwoodasia.com.

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