How to Pair Your Food and Wine Like A Pro When You Travel

wine pairing europe
Before you jet off to one of those picture-perfect countries in Europe to wine and dine like royalty, you may want to check out how to ascertain the proper food and wine pairing so that you can masquerade as a pro, and not some clueless noob who is randomly ordering any bottle of wine just for the sake of drinking.
They take their wines really seriously in Europe and majority of the locals know a thing or two about wine pairing. While you may not care that you are not drinking the appropriate wine with your dish, your waiter and the locals sitting around you may secretly judge you for it.
Ordering the wrong wine with your main course is a culinary faux pas in Europe just, like eating an expensive piece of kobe beef steak with ketchup in Japan, or like draining the soup from your xiao long bao before consuming it *shudders in disgust*.
Aside from avoiding being condemned by the locals, the appropriate wine pairing will also allow you to get the most out of your meals during your travels. You would want to do this because the food in Europe is spectacular and almost every dish has the perfect bottle of wine to complement it.
Oliver's Travels, a villa rental site, has consolidated a brief guide to pairing wines with the signature dishes of each European country the company operates in. Even if you are not living the baller lifestyle and renting luxury accommodations, it is still good to know that when ordering fresh fish and seafood in Santorini, you should opt for Assyrtiko, a sharp, slightly acidic and dry white wine born on the island of Santorini itself.
Check out the comprehensive pairing guide below or okay around with the fun interactive map version here.
wine pairing europe
Alternatively if you are still confused, you can simply ask the waiter to recommend a wine that best goes along with your dishes.

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