Japan's Cherry Blossom 2017 Forecast: The Sakura Season is Descending Upon Japan Soon and Here's When and Where to Catch Them!

cherry blossom
As the snow melts and fresh grass spring up from the earth, Japan's landscape will soon be transformed into an ocean of pink and cream blooms as the cherry trees start blossoming in all its full glory. Delicate petals fluttering down from the trees will dust every square inch of the ground, creating an ethereal beauty unlike anything you will ever experience.
Japan in the springtime is a fairytale fantasy come true. Voluminous puffs of cherry blossoms adorning the trees give the illusion of fluffy pink clouds, bringing both Japanese and tourists flocking to parks to indulge in one of the nation’s all-time favorite pastimes – hanami, which literally translates as “looking as flowers” and refers to flower appreciation picnics under the blooms.
cherry blossom
Cherry blossoms disappear as fleetingly as they bloom, so it is extremely crucial to plan your trip to Japan meticulously if you want to see these beauties in the prime of their lives. The difference in climate through all regions in Japan causes the cherry blossom trees to flower at various dates.
Here is the forecast for Japan's most revered flora in all regions where they grow aplenty.
cherry blossom 2017
1. Okinawa: Mid January to Mid February
Okinawa cherry blossoms
2. Fukuoka: 25 March to 10 April
Fukuoka cherry blossoms
3. Nara: 28 March to 11 April
nara cherry blossoms
4. Osaka: 29 March to 12 April
osaka cherry blossoms
5. Hiroshima: 29 March to 12 April
hiroshima cherry blossoms
6. Kyoto: Early to Mid April
kyoto cherry blossoms
7. Tokyo: 28 March to 11 April
tokyo cherry blossoms
8. Fukushima: Mid to Late April
fukushima cherry blossoms
9. Aomori: 22 April to 4 May
Aomori cherry blossoms
10. Hokkaido: 29 April to 5 May
Hokkaido cherry blossoms

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