Plane Manners: Worst Things You Can Do on a Plane

feet on plane
So you have been planning this awesome getaway for months, and can’t wait to hop on that plane for some much needed time-out from the hustle and bustle.
Everything’s going great – you’ve got your boarding pass from the courteous and very helpful airport staff, you’ve got all your itinerary mapped out, hotel bookings are all in place. 
You board the place with dreams of sunny beaches and lazying around for a few days. 
And then it happens – that inconsiderate fellow passenger on the flight whose behaviour threatens to undo and destroy your holiday spirit. Yes, that traveller from hell, really.
reclining in plane
It could be someone who removes his shoes to reveal a stink of the highest order, or someone behind who pokes his feet between the gaps through your seat, or someone who reclines his seat so far back he’s practically sleeping in your lap.
At times like this, you would wish everyone would be a little more mindful of how their behaviour could or would affect others. 
Well, some airports have issued travel advisories, or flat-out tell people to behave – just as London City Airport (LCA) has done 3 days ago. 
It released an etiquette guide for passengers on what not to do on a plane, so as not to be a bad passenger who will make everyone’s life a misery for those hours in the air.
feet on plane
Called simply “Plane Manners”, the guide highlights the most common bad behaviour on board, and it urges travellers – or “plane strangers” - to be considerate in how they behave.
The LCA had commissioned a study of 232 travellers and what came up tops as the chief irritant for passengers was “excessive seat-reclining”, which 63 per cent of the respondent found to be most annoying. 
In second place were people who hog the armrests, whilerRounding up the top three are passengers who are rude to cabin crew.
reclining in plane
Here are the full top 10 lists of annoying behaviour:
  • Reclining their seat so far back they are practically in your lap
  • Planting their elbows firmly on the arm rests to leave no room for you
  • Being rude to cabin crew – a thank you costs nothing
  • Carrying hand luggage that is clearly too big so some poor person has to put theirs in the hold
  • Talking loudly to their travel companions so you can’t hear yourself think
  • Forgetting their manners when getting off the plane, they don’t care as long as they’re first in the passport queue
  • Constantly getting up to retrieve items from the overhead lockers
  • Putting their feet in the gaps between seats so they poke you in the shoulder
  • Swearing without a care for who is in earshot
  • Hogging the window and blocking your view
A spokesperson for London City Airport said:  “On an aeroplane we get closer to strangers than we would in almost any other setting, so it’s no wonder little things can irritate us.  Be considerate of your fellow passengers - you wouldn’t lean against a stranger on a park bench while you ate your lunch, so think about how much space you really need before reclining your seat.  If you’re on the receiving end, try deep breathing and remind yourself it’s just a short trip before you can get off the plane.  And if you can’t beat ‘em, join in the conversation, you could end up making a new friend.”
So, next time you’re on board a plane, do make that little effort not to make the trip for others miserable, and they don’t take a big deal of effort, really.
Here is a graphic representation of what the survey found:
plane manners

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