6 Most Insane Movie Theaters From Around The World

bed cinema
We all love going to the movies, but sometimes it gets a little bit annoying to be seated in a cramped seat for up to 2 hours. To counter that, some movie theaters around the world get a little bit creative and switch things up much to the delight of movie-goers.
1. Olympia Music Hall, France
bed cinema
This is amazing! We really do hope that the bedsheets and washed and changed after every movie though.
2. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, Disney's Hollywood Studios
drive through cinema
It's like going to a drive through cinema without having to deal with pesky insects.
3. Hot Tub Cinema, London
hot tub cinema
We really hope the water is changed after every movie. If not, can you imagine the amount of bodily fluids in there??
4. Parisian Theater, Paris
boat cinema
What do you do if you really need to pee?
5. The Bijou Theater, Bridgeport
cool cinema
You have the option of focusing solely on watching the movie or dining as you watch.
6. Arena, Pula, Croatia
cool cinema
Wonderful ambiance to watch gladiator type of movies.
Most people travel overseas to see the sights and sounds and think it's a waste of time to watch a movie. Try watching a movie next time you are in a foreign land, the new experience might just amaze you.

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