Eye of Sauron Tower Planned To Be Built in Morocco

sauron tower
Developers in Morocco are planning to build the tallest building in Africa, and it looks like a more refined and polished Barad-dûr, the home of the dark lord Sauron from the Lord of the Rings.
The 540 meter tall building will be called Al Noor Tower (a.k.a the Tower of Light) and will be erected in Casablanca, Morocco.
sauron tower
The Sauron tower from Lord of the Rings
The tower is designed by French architect agency Volade et Pistre, whose architects are probably huge fans of Lord of the Rings, and the project is being fully funded by Sheikh Tarek M. bin Laden. Soil testing for the building begins this year. The shape of the windows scattered all over the building are inspired by Arabic words. Just imagine, when the sun lines up in between the two pointy tips at the top, it would totally resemble the tower of Sauron with its giant fiery eye.
The conceptualization of the project is pretty cool so remember to check out the video down below and share this article with your friends!
Information Source: Sploid

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