10 Hidden Gems You Must Check Out at Disneyland

It is no secret that Disney loves their hidden images and subliminal messages. Disney Channel is always bugging you to spot their hidden Mickey and there have been countless articles dedicated to revealing the sexually suggestive messages Disney sneakily include in their family movies. Walt Disney was always a fan of them, and after he died, the mass media corporation continued with the hidden delights that can be found even in Disneyland itself!
1. Walt Disney's apartment light never goes out
Walt Disney's apartment
Look for the Main Street fire house in Disneyland – there is a light that never goes out. Before his death, Walt and his family regularly lived in the apartment above the Main Street fire house. After he died, the Disney corporation made sure that the apartment is always kept the way it was when he lived there with his family, and most importantly, the light in the window which used to signal his presence in the park will always be turned on at all times.
2. Ride in the luxurious Lily Belle train car
Lily Belle train car
They say that the early bird gets the worm! If you are there early at Disneyland when the park opens for the day, rush on down to Main Street station and ask nicely for a reservation to ride in the Lily Belle train car. The train car is named after Walt's wife who helped decorate its lavish interior, and a commoner like YOU can get to ride in it!
3. Pilot the Mark Twain riverboat
Mark Twain riverboat
If you ask sweetly, you may be directed to the wheelhouse and actually get a chance to steer the Mark Twain riverboat (which is on a track, so no worries about pulling a Titanic) and blow the whistle! You will even be awarded a special certificate after your voyage.
4. The special tender seat on the Disneyland railroad
Disney tender seat railroad
This is insider's information: Approach the conductor at Main Street Station and ask if you can ride the special tender seat. Once the next train comes, you will be escorted past security to the front of the Tender where there is a special seat for two. The seat is a little bit small though, so you might have to squeeze.
5. The park bench where Walt Disney conceived the idea of Disneyland
Disney park bench
There is an old bench that looks like nothing much in the foyer of “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln”. However, this particular bench is where Walt Disney first came up with the genius idea that would delight millions all over the world for generations while watching his daughters play. This is the throne of greatness.
6. Spot the Cheshire Cat
cheshire cat disneyland
If you go to the Mad Hatter gift shop, you might want to try on one of those funkadelic, trippy hats they are retailing. Turn and look for a mirror, and you might just catch the Cheshire Cat grinning back at you in the mirror.
7. Touch the apple in Snow White's Scary Adventures
Disneyland Snow white's Scary Adventures
If you touch the golden apple above the book in Snow White's Scary Adventures, the evil queen from Snow White will start cackling maniacally.
8. Rebel at Indiana Jones Adventure
Indiana Jones Adventure
There are two fun interactive things you can do at the Indiana Jones Adventure when you walk into the cave just before the ride.
a. There will be a sign warning: “DANGER! Do Not Touch Pole!” Do the opposite of what the sign says and yank onto the bamboo pole. There will be a loud booming noise and it will sound as if the ceiling is caving in.
b. There will be another sign on the edge of a well warning: “Caution. Do Not Pull Rope! Handling Fragile Artifacts.” Again, like a true nature's child, you were born, born to be wild! PULL on that rope you bad-ass, and watch on as everyone around you have a mini heart attack when they hear an unseen worker “fall” and voices cry out from the well.
The rebelling just stops at these two things though. If you are advised to put on the seat belt when setting off for the ride, you better put on your seat belt. I don't think your insurance covers death from stupidity.
9. The purple teacup in the Mad Hatter ride
Spinning cups disneyland
In the Mad Hatter ride, the purple teacup spins the fastest. So when the gates open, you may shove everyone to the ground to get to the fastest spinning teacup so that you can get the dizziest faster than anyone and throw up during the ride instead of after.
10. Listen for the hidden sounds
hidden sounds disney
“Listen with your heart, you will understand.”
Piles of bacon for anyone who knows where the line above is from!
a. On the right side of Main Street, walk into the alley where the ice cream stand is, and if you listen very carefully, you can hear the sound of a dentist's drill.
b. While in the queue for Star Tours, there will be a vague voice constantly paging for an “Egroeg Sacul”, which is actually George Lucas spelled backwards.
c. You can hear a voodoo lady chanting above the restrooms that are near the New Orleans Square train station.
d. Also near the New Orleans Square train station, you can hear the dot-dash-dot of a telegraph replaying in Morse code the opening lines of Walt's speech at the opening ceremony of Disneyland.
So if you ever find yourself in Disneyland, California, don't tour it like one of those regular tourists just obsessed with taking photos all the time. If you are always looking in the viewfinder of a camera, you will not be able to take in the full impact of Walt Disney's legacy. The magic lies in the seemingly insignificant details that are more significant than you think it is.
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