Taiwan’s Homestay Inns

1Most of travelers, in general, would look for a hotel that is reputable, safe, and near to town, which makes it more accessible for them to do their shopping – a famed aspect of touring Taiwan.

But what a tourist should also know is that, other than Taiwan being one of the best places to shop for young adult’s fashion apparels and accessories, its people’s friendliness and scenic places are part of her charms as well.

Let’s say you are planning a trip to Taiwan on a budget, you would want to do a tour of her scenic grounds. You would also want to gain a deeper understanding of the culture of the Taiwanese, waking up to the warmth of the people and to the sounds of nature.

Where would you normally think of? Staying in three or four star hotels in town where most travelers usually bunk in, and getting a cab to the places for sightseeing? For this, you would be spending away unnecessary money.

Ask me, and I would highly recommend Taiwan’s homestay inns instead.


I believe these homestay inns are one of the top places one should consider. What's more, they tend to be cheaper and are able to give personalized service as they are smaller in scale. For example, you could easily chat the staff up for some recommendations for cheap and good food and shopping spots. The staff working in homestay inns are known for their friendliness, and they usually reside in nearby areas. Thus, you may trust them to guide you with ease to the best places for photography, shopping, food, and even relaxation.

Just imagine waking up to the warm, chirpy greetings of the staff as they prepare homemade Taiwanese home-made breakfast to start your day. In my view, it’s would seems to be a much better option than waking up to rigid standards of hotel staffs wishing you a good morning, and delivering to you American-style breakfast that could be eaten in any other countries.

Never mind about the traveling to shopping malls for your favorite apparels from homestay inns, as most are comfortably situated just minutes away the malls. Others would just involve a few minutes train ride.

Not to worry if you would prefer to stay in areas that is closer to the nature, such as sea and rivers, too. You need not have to spend large amounts of money to stay in a villa or lake house just to experience that.

There are homestay inns that are located near lakes. Taking, for example, Sheep House is one of the inns that quietly resides in a small scenic environment that would really make your vacation worthwhile. Besides, the price of staying there as compared to hotels is much cheaper.

For travelers who prefer to the eastern traditional type of feel, you may want to consider Jiu Fen Long Men Guesthouse, which will have the basic facilities you need, and still able to give you the feel of olden-day China, at around SGD75 per night for two pax.

Taiwan’s homestay inns will give you a completely different feel from the normal hotels you have been to. So, I say, if your core purpose of traveling is to experience a different environment, do give homestay inns a try.

It may not be as luxurious as hotels, but it will unconditionally give you a pleasant and refreshing experience than you would have in the hotels of Taiwan.

To start off, the Taiwan’s government has already set up a list of credible homestay inns throughout the whole of Taiwan here. Now, doesn’t this already give you a taste of how kind and friendly the Taiwanese will be?

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