Theme Park Fatigue in Orlando

There is just too many parks in Orlando, Florida, and tied for time, I decided to spend the extra dough for tickets that would get me to the front of the queues. And guess what? It was the best decision ever. Here's my take on the top three theme parks in Orlando and what to do there!

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


Disney’s magic could be found in every city with a Disney park, and one of my favourites includes the iconic castle situated right at the heart of each park. Having just been California's Disneyland too, everything felt familiar ad the beauty was in the details.

For example, the fore-mentioned castle is largely acknowledged as Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the many other Disney parks in the world. But in Orlando, it belongs to Cinderella – recognisable by gorgeous glass murals and vignettes, in line with the fairytale's classic glass slipper within the castle walls.


Most of the rides sounded familiar to me. Yet only in Orlando could one sail the dark waters, seeking out Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. Other than the usual Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain, I embarked on the Haunted Mansion tour with other souls. The 'dead' truly enliven up the ride and make it a dreadfully fun ride.

As I left the park, I noticed two different yet common sights. Children were either slumped over their parents’ shoulders in exhaustion or screaming at the thought of leaving. That, my friends, is truly the magic of the happiest place on earth.

Universal Studios Florida


A park for movie and TV show lovers, I was overwhelmed by the amount of fanfare within Universal Studios Florida. From Simpson’s to Shrek, it appealed to all, families and friends.

The thrill blew me away. If anything, I was glad I listened to instructions at the beginning of the Men in Black Alien Attack. Besides being the winning team in this competitive ride, I saved myself from earning a neck ache from all the spinning to kill as many aliens as I could. That I have learnt from the experiences of the losing team, thankfully not mine!


By the end of the day, ride fatigue hit. I stared wearily as my siblings rushed for the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. The ride allowed them to pick their individual songs of doom as the seats were engineered to block out music from your neighbors. I just wish that the other riders had thought of their stomachs when they decided to experience the world’s first non-inverted loop along with my siblings. What a blast.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure


Nothing could have prepared me for this park. The Spiderman 3D adventure had truly set the bar for all other 3D rides. The Incredible Hulk rollercoaster defied tradition by hurling one upwards right at the start. As much as I had mentally prepared myself for the flying start, I screamed from start to end.

And of course, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was the most important stop of my day. Wherever there was a ride, I was there. From flying in a Quidditch match, facing Dementors, to riding a Hippogrift and the Dueling Dragons, everything in the park was magical. Candies were lined up to the ceiling in Honeydukes and owls would blink at me as I picked a wand at Olivander's shop.


As I finished my journey with a butterbeer at Three Broomsticks, I declare the park a paradise for all Potter fans.

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