Imagine the benefits of getting your way through great volumes of boring work documents and stacks of research papers quickly. Spreeder is a free online software which helps you to increase the speed which you read without decreasing comprehension or retention.

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iPhone OS 4 Unveiled

Shortly after the hype with bigger-sized iPad, Apple unveils the iPhone OS 4. The latest generation of the iPhone will have several notable new features including multitasking, Game Center, enhanced Mail, remote device management Enterprise, iBooks, App folders, tap to focus when recording video and photos, a 5x digital zoom for the camera and more.

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Nintendo Announces 3DS

The popularity of 3D films like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland caused a wave not only in the film industry but they have also shown the way to opportunities ripe for pickings in the video games sector.

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iPad: Hits and Misses

Less than a week after the iPad was launched, all technology magazines and websites are buzzing with articles and discussions on the new device. In fact, less than a day after it was launched, there are already puns and spoof videos circulating around.

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