App for Travelling

App_for_TravellingWhy add weight to your bag by lugging along those thick, cumbersome guidebooks or phrasebooks when these nifty free apps will be all you need for the travel?

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The Lure of Gadgetry

The world we live in is such an exciting and eye-dazzling place these days. What with all the myriad of shiny, newfangled gadgets, itsy-bitsy portable music players, high-tech smart phones and the sleek looking personal tablets. Each iteration comes out shinier than the next, with a shorter product life cycle and more bells and whistles to compete for our attentions and our wallets.

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Singapore GE2011 Tracker

This year's General Elections is one that is highly debated, especially so on social media platforms. But the deluge of data could be so overwhelming that it leaves us more confused than ever. Here, the Singapore General Elections 2011 Tracker, a cool real-time visualisation project that aims to reflect online social sentiments as well as trends and discussions, will of great assistance.

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Expense Tracker: Spending Lite

Like popular local film by Jack Neo, are you always wondering why money is not enough? A feature-rich yet free expense tracking application might just be the thing to help you solve that mystery.

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Dyson Air Multiplier

Fans are always a welcomed commodity on our sunny little island, but there is rarely one in the market that could perhaps blow the minds of consumers like the Dyson Air Multiplier did.

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