The Power Of Flight: Your Own Personal Flying Car

Terrafugia Futuristic Flying Car TF-X
Terrafugia is working on a full-on futuristic flying car, the TF-X, which it expects to start selling in the early 2020s.

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5 Products Invented By Accident

Like several of you guys out there that were conceived by accident, some of the modern products that you use on a daily basis were created unintentionally as well.

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Gravity Light

Using gravity to provide lighting to the developing nations - a nobel and brilliant idea. Watch the video and be inspired.


Free radio website Stereomood allows one to "tune into your emotions", bringing Internet radio to the next level by sorting tunes into playlists based on moods and activities. Yes, you may try "bored at work".

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Got to stay in office for lunch again? Sick of the soggy packed lunch that adds on to the misery? Online food delivery portal Foodpanda is a fuss-free, enjoyably lazy way to get yummy meals right to your doorstep.

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