Watch World Cup 2010 Online

For the principled people who refuse to succumb to higher World Cup subscription rates: Just so that you may still keep yourself updated with the games, here are some good online soccer sites.

Official FIFA website

There is, of course, always the reliable official soccer source. It is easily navigable, up to date, and all videos and clips of goals are available there without hiccups. But the advertisements within the videos could get frustrating, and as an international site, not all videos have English commentary on them, which is why we look for alternative ways to catch our beloved matches.

My Soccer Place

MySoccerPlace is one of the most comprehensive websites that allows you to download the entire match from different sources online through common download sites like Rapidshare in both formats for PCs and for Macs. There are also selected featured live football streams. The only catch? You have to sign up as a member whether to download or to view a live match.

Time Soccer


Like many other live streaming sites, videos on are not reliable nor are they consistent. However, the site does offer useful information, resources and links to live matches. I will say, if all else fails, there's no harm trying Time Soccer.

101 Great Goals


For soccer newbies and girls with soccer fanatics for boyfriends, 101 Great Goals is a good website with a short write-up in layman's terms that explains the significance and highlights of the contents of the video you can then click to watch. The site's blog is also a great resource to keeping yourself updated and often refers its readers to useful World Cup related links.

Alternative sites to 101 Great Goals are the colourful Footy Tube, Mighty Football and Soccer Clips. And while ESPN's Soccernet does not offer live streaming, it is an excellent up-to-date archive of information.

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