ADVOCADO Sends Sparks of Explosive Magnitude Flying When the Loyalty App Snagged Double Awards at the Spark Awards 2017

On Saturday night, Advocado stole the limelight out from under the noses of fellow prestigious brands that offer media solutions, products and services by bagging two illustrious awards -  “Most Innovative Technology” and “Best Commercial Team” at the Spark Awards 2017.
The dual wins were a timely felicitous celebration to mark the loyalty app's one year anniversary. The awards also paid testament to the unparalleled dedication of the team and the lofty ambitions carved out by its leaders that will take the company down the path of greatness.
Advocado is an ingenious loyalty app that allows consumers and merchants to actively establish a firm retail camaraderie with innovative bespoke rewards crafted specifically for each merchant to best target its consumers. Advocado emphasizes the ease and flexibility of enrolling a customer within mere seconds, without the need of issuing physical cards or even getting consumers to download cumbersome apps. This immediately removes the hassle faced by most businesses to coordinate pesky logistics just to engage and retain customers.
With such friction removed for consumers, they can just rely on something they always have - their mobile phone number. This streamlines the consumer engagement  process for merchants since they no longer need to keep track of loyalty coupons and cards but can just access one cloud database throughout.
In the short span of just one year, Advocado has managed to achieve the impossible of influencing over 400 merchants to sign up with the app and change the face of customer loyalty for their businesses.
Being nominated for 3 award categories at the esteemed Spark Awards has filled the team with confidence that cloud loyalty is a booming, innovative technology that offers a glimpse into the future of improving customer retention. The Spark Awards is the definitive platform for media owners and solution providers across different verticals to showcase their innovation, effectiveness, and value proposition to advertisers, agencies and clients.
“When my tech team & I made a decision to take over Advocado's development when it was still a Minimum Viable Product (M.V.P),  we started believing the fact that we have chosen to develop a clever, innovative and user-friendly technology. And we worked hard to overhaul it! It was definitely a proud dad's moment when the awards were announced - a result of my boldness to embrace new & elegant technology without the fear.” Said Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Ron Lee about the company’s success.  
“Collectively, our team has more than 40 years of experience in customer service and in understanding merchants’ needs. All these experiences have been fused into building Advocado’s technology and in creating a system that ensures our merchant’s success. For example, we created a Customer Success Department (CSD) to ensure that Merchants are able to get onboard and implement Advocado with great success. We also have a Marketing Strategies Department (MSD) to help our merchant to market their brand with the aim of bringing in new businesses.” shared Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Mr. Joval Gan. 
A positive indicator of Advocado's potential is in its recent conference in Philippines where Chief Executive Officer & Founder Mr. Eric Chia was put together on a panel with International leaders of Facebook & Lazada to provide insights into disruptive technology and were well received by merchants in the region who wanted to know more about cloud loyalty. Back at home, merchants of Advocado include renowned outlets by big chains - Beast and Butterflies, Toy or Game, Rocky Master and Protrim.
Success doesn't rest on its laurels though, and the team fully comprehends this humbling fact.
“Our merchants' success is very important to us. What’s coming up next is that we will dive deeper into leveraging technology to help our merchants & brands be even more engaging using loyalty automation. We have something in the tech pipeline, and we call it Advocade. It’s like a smart and relentless bot that helps your businesses on consumer engagement. And we are really excited to see the lives of our merchants being made a whole lot easier with Advocade in the later part of the year. Internally as a company, for the remaining of the year, we shall focus on solidifying the foundations of the new markets we’ve entered, to prepare for the explosion in growth in those markets next year,” quipped CEO Eric Chia on the future plans of Advocado.
Advocado is a multiple award-winning cloud loyalty app which generates real cash flow for business owners, big and small. Explore more of this revolutionary app here:

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