This Cute Ball Lets You Charge Your Phone on the Go Using Your Body’s Own Energy

hand energy
Phones in this time and age do not possess the battery lives that they once boasted, so most users carry a portable charger wherever they go. But the problem with a portable charger is that it too needs to be recharged regularly, until someone came along and created a device that allows you to charge your phone with your body's own energy.
This device could possibly be life-changing, or at least be a new innovative alternative to the world of chargers. HandEnergy is an ingenious apple-sized device that charges your phone anytime, anywhere as long as you hold it in your hand and rotate your wrist.
hand energy
The working principle behind HandEnergy is that of a two-axis rotor gyroscope. “You may be familiar with the wrist-training device called the Powerball, which is a powerful handheld gyroscope,” HandEnergy co-founder Alex Novik told Digital Trends. “We came up with the idea of putting a battery, metal coil and magnets inside a similar device for generating electricity. We spent a year developing it, trying to find the best materials we could. After around a dozen prototypes, we finally arrived at one that we were happy with.”
hand energy
Not only does it charge smartphones, it has been engineered to charge just about any technological device like your tablet, camera and even flashlight (or an electronic fleshlight heuheuheuheuheuheu!).
HandEnergy users begin by winding a starter ring. This transmits an impulse to the rotor, at which point the user can start rotating the device with their wrist to keep the rotor spinning. With an average speed of 5,000 RPM, HandEnergy’s magnetic rotor transmits mechanical power to create an electric current, thereby charging the built-in batteries.
hand energy
Once it’s all charged up, you simply plug in a USB and pass the charge onto whichever device you’re hoping to add some juice to.
“We don’t necessarily think this will be something that you use every day, because it takes around one hour to reach full capacity,” Novik continued. “But it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and you can use it anywhere if you find yourself someplace with no plugs or available electricity.”
Even though it takes longer to charge, due to the different energy generation system, HandEnergy actually charges smartphones and other gadgets at the same speed as a power outlet.
The battery only has a capacity of 1,000mAh, so it won’t charge your phone completely in one go, but it can definitely keep it run it for a while longer when you really need it. Plus, it is eco-friendly!
HandEnergy was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter, hitting €71,333  in one month, and will be released to the market in May 2017 at €99.
Information Source: Digital Trends

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