Lightsaber Escape: Play a Starwars Game on Your Computer and Use Your Phone as a Lightsaber

lightsaber escape
Lightsabers are still not a real thing yet so Google and the studios behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens came up with an awesome interactive lightsaber stimulation game which allows you to use your smartphone as a lightsaber to take out stormtroopers on your computer screen! What an awesome promotional lead up to the movie!
Lightsaber Escape is now live and available to play for free on your desktop browser. All you got to do is click on this link when you are in front of a desktop computer and the page will provide you with a unique URL which you will have to key into your smartphone's Chrome browser and you are on your way to becoming a Jedi! After you calibrate your phone, the game brings you through a tutorial where the first step to do is to hit the little button on your phone to draw out the lightsaber. Your phone actually becomes a lightsaber handle and as you swish it around, the actual glowing sword moves on the desktop and deflects bullets.
lightsaber escape
Lightsaber Escape is a Chrome Experiment that Google made in conjunction with Lucasfilm and Star Wars visual-effects studio Industrial Light & Magic. It uses WebGL for the 3D graphics, plus WebRTC and WebSocket for the real-time communication between your phone and desktop.
However, your internet speed and desktop computer has to be in optimal gaming conditions in order for the game to load. If your computer is not up to the task, an error message will appear on the page stating “Incompatible computer. This computer and/or connection speed are not capable of handling the full effect of the Force.”
Have fun geeking out with this first person lightsaber game and may the Force be with you!

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