A New Virtual Pet App Called Boku To Wanko is Like Neko Atsume for Dog Lovers

boku to wanko
The internet is obsessed with cats, which is why when Hit-Point came out with Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector this year, it took Apple iOS and Android device owners by storm. It is a virtual pet app created by a Japanese company where people put out food, toys and furniture to attract different cats, then take pictures of them to store in their catbook. However, I am more of a dog person, so while playing Neko Atsume, I was fervently hoping for a dog version, and alas, my wish has been granted!
Enter Cronus' Boku to Wanko (ぼくとわんこ ) which translates to Me and Doggies – it is a virtual pet game identical to Neko Atsume, right down to the game play and the artwork but instead of cats, you collect dogs. If you are already enamored with the adorable simplicity of Neko Atsume, chances are that you will be equally captivated by Boku to Wanko.
Boku to Wanko is free but currently only available for download in Japanese for iTunes here and Google Play Store here. Despite the language barrier, it is easy to figure out how to navigate around the app thanks to the cute icons. A tutorial will start at the beginning of the game. Just tap on the hands to proceed. The game won’t let you do anything else until you finish the tutorial, so be patient and keep tapping.
Despite its many similarities, Boku to Wanko slightly differs from Neko Atsume in that:
  • The food bowl does not have a meter to indicate whether food supply is running low, you will only need to fill it up when you see that it is completely empty.
  • You cannot rename your dogs.
  • Dogs of the same breed may visit your backyard at the same time.
  • When dogs give you gifts, the gifts only appear once so you need to check your gift box more often than in Neko Atsume.
  • There are no rare dogs, and the dogs' database is comparatively smaller than the cats' database.
  • Each toy can only be used one at a time, meaning that other dogs can't share the same object if there is one dog already playing with it.
  • Each toy only attracts one or two specific breeds of dogs (out of a total of 42 breeds), so keep changing up your toys to collect more different breeds of dogs.
Other than these differences, Boku to Wanko and Neko Atsume are relatively similar. After the dogs are done playing with the toys, they will leave either white bones or gold bones (very rare) which you can use to purchase more toys or expand your yard.
The most important aspect of the game is for you to leave out food and some toys so that you will get visiting dogs. To log the dogs into their profiles, you’ll need to take a picture of them. If you missed them, they will be labeled with “no image” on their profile until you’re able to take a picture. 
boku to wanko
Buttons on the home page
boku to wanko
boku to wanko
boku to wanko
boku to wanko
Expand – you got to purchase the 2nd option (living room) first for 120 gold bones before purchasing the 3rd option (secret room) for 180 gold bones
boku to wanko
Bone Exchange – The 1st option lets you trade in 10 gold bones for 250 white bones, while the 2nd option lets you trade in 500 white bones for 10 gold bones
boku to wanko
boku to wanko
Dog profile in dogbook:
1. Name/Breed
2. Album (Tap to view and change dog's profile pictures)
3. Length of stay in total
4. Gender
5. Weight
6. Description
7. Favorite toys
8. Treasure – Once a dog has spent a period of time in your yard, it will present you with a treasure/memento that is purely for sentimental value sake. If you haven’t gotten the treasure yet, it’ll tell you how many minutes are needed for a dog’s stay until it gives you a treasure
boku to wanko
Gifts – Unlike Neko Atsume, you do not need to accept the gifts manually, just open the gifts tab and close it, and your gifts will automatically be credited into your account
Gold Bones Cheat:
I have figured out an unscrupulous way of harvesting gold bones and it does not involve simply just waiting for the dogs to give them to me. After you take a photo of a dog, there is an option to tweet the picture, click on the tweet button and simply press back, and you will find yourself one gold bone richer! You can repeatedly keep doing this, but after a while, your dog's album will glitch out and you might not be able to store any more photos of that particular dog in its album, so use this cheat sparingly!
Good luck and have fun collecting these cute doggies!

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