Holho: Furtistic Hologram Generator For Smartphones

Holho: Furtistic Hologram Generator For Smartphones
Three things people wish for in technological advances: time-machines, teleportation and 3D hologram projectors. Now we can just wish for the first two since a 3D hologram device has been invented for smartphones!
The future is here with Holho! Invented by a team of intelligent Italians and made in Milan, the hologram generator uses a set of mirrors perched on a smartphone or tablet to produce the illusion of a moving 3D image which can be viewed in different directions and angles.
Holho: Furtistic Hologram Generator For Smartphones
Holho Full Pyramid – Tablet Version
The Holho collection features several hologram projectors, the one with the most hype being the Holho Full Pyramid. The Holho Pyramid consists of a four-angled mirror on an inverted pyramid base made for smartphones and tablets providing the effect of a 3D image floating in space. An app generates four images and positions them beneath the mirrors to give off the desired illusion. The images are designed to be in full motion so you can watch vivid moving images of swimming jellyfish, exploding fireworks, fluttering butterflies, and more. The app even allows users to create their own hologram images and videos.
Holho: Furtistic Hologram Generator For Smartphones
Holho Naked – When closed becomes a very stylish tablet case
Another hologram projector from The Holho collection is the Naked, designed for 10” tablets and utilizing a simple fold-up mirror to create the 3D illusion. The hologram device conveniently doubles up as a tablet case when closed.
Holho: Furtistic Hologram Generator For Smartphones
Holho Zed – With picture stand and white LED
Enter the Holho Zed, which trumps the Naked where the tablet goes into the top of a perspex stand and illuminates the image on a transparent angled screen. It includes a photo stand where a real picture can be inserted with an interactive photo frame illuminated by white LED.
Holho: Furtistic Hologram Generator For Smartphones
Holho Three-Faced Pyramid – An amazing exhibitor or a perfect product demonstrator 
Last but not least is the Holho Three-Faced Pyramid which is a pyramid with three faces situated in a case, designed for easy viewing of the projected image. It is intended for commercial use and display of products. This particular Holho model requires a special app for generating three faces of the image.
Check out the introduction of the Holho collection below by one of the Italian inventors with the thickest Italian accent known to man, and a disembodied female narrator's voice.
Learn more about the Holho at HolhoCollection.com!

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